10 reasons to live in North Cyprus

  1. Climate: 340 Days of Sunshine per year with negligible  sea and air pollution
  2. There aren`t many places where you can be on the beach in the morning and high in the mountains less than an hour later.
  3. Compared with many E.U. countries, North Cyprus enjoys an exceptionally low crime rate. Visitors can relax and enjoy life on the Island because crime and theft is not common place.
  4. The general price level of property in North Cyprus has remained very low in comparison to the UK and E.U.
  5. The exchange rate is at over 5.5TL to £1, making it possible for visitors to enjoy affordable luxury at its best!
  6. A relatively low cost of living often accounts for a substantially improved quality of life.
  7. North Cyprus has a British-based legal system and a British-based banking system.
  8. You are always only minutes from the beach.
  9. Excellent educational system based on UK standards.
  10. Excellent, inexpensive medical facilities.